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Course Description コース概要
Course  講座名:
JSDA Securities Sales Representative Examination Preparation Course (English)
証券外務員 試験対策講座 (英語)

What is included in the course  講座内容:
The course includes approximately 12 hours of online video lectures, 300 online sample questions, and an online financial glossary.
ビデオ講義 約12時間、テスト問題 約300問、用語集が講座に含まれています。

Duration of the course  受講期間:
1 month from the date the ID is activated.

Tuition  受講料:
Class 2 course: 98,000 yen (Includes consumption tax)
2種試験対策講座:98,000円 (税込み)

Class 1 course: 118,000 yen (Includes consumption tax)
1種試験対策講座 [2012年1月実施新一種試験対応]:118,000円 (税込み)

Class 1 course for continuing students*: 28,000 yen (Includes consumption tax)
1種試験対策講座(継続受講)*:28,000円 (税込み)

* Continuing students: Applicants for class 1 course, who have already taken our Class 2 course, are eligible for a  discounted class 1 tuition rate of 28,000 yen.  The discounted tuition can be applied to each applicant only once.
2種からの継続受講割引:弊社の2種試験対策講座をすでにご受講頂 いております受講生の皆様は28,000円の特別受講料で1種試験対策講座をご利用頂けます。 この特別受講料は各受講生に対して一度のみ適用が可能です。

Discount for multiple IDs  複数 人数お申込み割引:
We offer a 20% discount from the total amount for simultaneous enrollment application for 2 or more students.
Please feel free to contact us at 03-6712-1580 or at should you have any questions.
ご不明な点などございましたら03-6712-1580 あるいは までお気軽にご連絡ください。

Application for enrollment  受講申込方法:
Please apply to enroll in our course through the human resources department of your company. Applications are accepted at enrollment application.

Required study material  必要教材:
Securities Sales Representative Manual (Translation) from JSDA webpage
日本証券業協会ホームページ 証券外務員必携(英訳)

Pass guarantee 合格保証:
Please see Pass Guarantee for details.

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