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Introducing Core Knowledge

Developing your associates to ensure they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform their job is critical to the growth of your business. In today's business environment, knowledge is the key to unlocking the earning potential of your company. An increasingly global financial world demands that your associates acquire the cross border knowledge and skills to compete.

A focused online education from Core Knowledge can ensure that your associates have those skills. Through e-learning, you can provide timely training that is consistently delivered throughout your organization at a reasonable cost.

Core Knowledge provides a broad range of highly specialized web-based courses in accounting and finance. We currently offer the following courses:


- Chartered Financial Analyst [CFA] Level 1 (Japanese)
- Chartered Financial Analyst [CFA] Level 2 (Japanese)
- Securities Sales Representative [JSDA] Class 2 (English)
- Securities Sales Representative [JSDA] Class 1 (English)
- Bookkeeping and Accounting Test for International Communication [BATIC] Bookkeeper & Accountant Level (Japanese)

Our mission is to provide specialized career training that accommodates the individual schedule of each and every student. Our proven educational method, commitment to student service, and reasonable costs combine to offer our customers an outstanding learning experience.

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